Festival Legal Agreement


By submitting an application to Festival Promoters, the artist agrees to adhere to festival policies and regulations and agrees to hold harmless all volunteers, officers, directors, employees, sponsors, agents, and partners associated with Festival Promoters from all action, suits, damages or claims that arise from any loss or damage to the property during festival operation. By submitting an application to Festival Promoters, the artist acknowledges an understanding of and a willingness to observe the rules and regulations set forth and an acceptance of the deadlines referenced. The artist understands that no refunds will be made for late cancellation and that there will be a $25 service charge on returned checks. The artist understands that the festival reserves the right to remove work that does not meet festival standards or is not consistent in style or subject matter with the images submitted. The artist understands that Festival Promoters reserves the right to alter festival details and make necessary changes to ensure the festival's success.


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